Contributor Profiles

Our contributors come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds with different levels of seniority and experience. Our vision is to gather a these peoples insight and share it with offer budding business minds. If you think that you might have something to add to this group of experts please get in touch.

These contributors kindly give us their knowledge out of their our time as volunteer, they all have full time positions which is where they gather their expert advice from.


Joff Alexander-Frye
Joff Alexander-Frye
Business Development Team Manager
South West Communications

Daniel Disney
Daniel Disney
Experienced Senior Sales Leader
New Horizons Computer Learning Centres,
The Daily Sales,
Network My Club

Daniel Frye
Daniel Frye
Sales Director (Global)
Mulberry Studios

Matt Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins
National Business Development Manager
Mulberry Studios

Llewellyn Nicholls
Llewellyn Nicholls
Head of Business Development
Exeter Daily



Marshall Goldsmith
Author of the NYT & WSJ #1 Bestseller Triggers


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