How many times have you been frustrated in your job and not reaching your full potential?

This website is designed to stretch your thinking, get practical advice, network with other professionals and hopefully find a good career move.

We at HelpSteerMyCareer.com feel strongly that anything is possible with your career if you work hard and more importantly work smart!

Please feel free to add your opinions to any of the posts or submit a post to me on helpsteermycareer@gmail.com. All posts submitted will be considered but not all posts will be published

If you wish to post a job ad on the site please get in touch also via the above email for guidelines.

You’ve probably noticed already that this site does not contain any advertising or sponsorship. This is because we don’t seek to profit from the advice we give you. If you feel you have the knowledge to add to our contributors, it’s simple. Just send us an article and we will a read, if it’s appropriate the we will post it.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn also uk.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-frye/50/a25/b2b/

Daniel Frye, Co-Founder – http://www.helpsteermycareer.com



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