Welcome to helpsteermycareer.com the first place you should stop for top career advice and to start networking with other professionals. Here you can interact with other professionals, connect with businesses, post jobs, watch our ‘hand picked’ TED Talks, find links to helpful resources, comment on posts and also post articles yourself. See ‘about’ page for more details.

The vision for this website is to help form and grow the very best professionals, sharing business experience and encouraging smart working practices.

Our contributors are from varying industries and have a wide range of experience at all levels of business. Learning from others is the first tip to becoming successful, take every nugget of wisdom these experts have to offer and grow into the professional you want to be. Best of luck, enjoy the site and please come back!

Please be aware that this site is constantly evolving, feedback is critical to our success. Also new functions will activate regularly so please make sure you come back to see what’s new. By interacting with our site you are part of its history, as its in its embryonic stages your interaction will shape its  future and determine what it will become. Please feel free to contact us on what functions, content, subjects and pages you might add and we will look into each and every suggestion.


Daniel Frye & Matt Jenkins (Site Co-founders)


One thought on “Home

  1. Hi Dan, impressed with the site. Really good to have something career focussed without the Facebook style distractions! Only comment would be that maybe the funding could be a bit more organised. By Industry or Geographical region maybe?


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