Is Donald Trump a Genius or a Fool?

Donald Trump has surprised everyone so far in his electoral campaign. Now more than ever it’s looking more and more likely that he will win the Republican candidacy and therefore there’s a very small chance he could be the next President of the United States of America.

Does anything he’s promised so far have any weight to it or is he just creating fear for his own cause?

This cartoon below perfectly illustrates the state of affairs in the US at the moment! Or does it?


There’s no doubt that the UK media leans heavily towards the Democratic party but are we being fair to Donald Trump, he is a successful business man. He’s clearly intelligent, influential and has the capability to talk his mind without political rhetoric. Unfairly social media have compared him to past dictators and invariably he’s still very unlikely to be President but why has he been able to penetrate the Republican vote as if from nowhere?

No answers on this post just questions and confusion. Would be great to get peoples opinion on this state of affairs as he could well be affecting policies and making changes that will have global repercussions.

Signing out, Dan


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